FIFA 16 – New Features

These can happen for a variety of reasons, and can have very different punishments. Because of swearing or other verbal attacks on the referee, When they do not agree with Fifa55 the referees decision, both by players and coaches is very common. The punishment is usually not being able to participate in a couple sporting events and a money sanction, which is often given to charity. Due to the increasingly violent actions on the field, not towards the referee, but to other participants in the sports or the crowd they are more and more punished. These sanctions are not the same everywhere, for instance, Paolo Guerrero, a football player for HSV got sanctioned with five games of not playing for throwing a bottle at a fan, but Martin Taylor, a player of Birmingham broke the leg of the Brazilian born Croat Eduardo da Silva and only got a three match ban. Hardly seems fair, but that is the case as the rules are not the same everywhere. Reckless fouls on other players should be severely punished, because of some of those fouls you would probably go to jail in the world outside of football.

And finally, there are the bizarre sanctions that make us laugh and wonder if they are even real. The latest one in sports was a 91 year suspension for a French futsal player because he had a license to play both futsal and football. The FFF (French football association) did not like it. But the question is if this was their fault in the first place.

So there are many punishments in sports, some right and others needing even more sanctions. Because if someone did something wrong, on the sports field, he should be punished. Almost all of them will say that it was not intended, but when will we and how know if it was on purpose? Punish them now, maybe not so harsh, and maybe they will think about it in the future and not do such a reckless act in the field of sports.

Unlike shooter games that feature content for mature audiences only and fantasy games that are made for specific niche markets everyone can play and enjoy sports video games. Whether as a single user or engaged in teams there are a wide variety of video sports games to satisfy every fan including football, golf, baseball, tennis, racing games and soccer. Though some sports games can branch out to include action/adventure themes and virtual reality character capabilities the jist of these games is simple one on one fun.